Meditation Session


“Don’t try to see how far the darkness stretches, just light your inner lamp.” …. Swami Shri Shivkrupanandji


Regular meditation brings about complete balance in an individual. As our chakras or energy centers of our body are cleared and opened we experience progress on the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels; our health improves and our stress levels decrease. Samarpan Meditation is NOT a religion, no rules are to be followed - regular meditation is simply added to our daily life. Samarpan Meditation…” a language of vibrations.” 


At The Physical Level:  As your level of meditation improves your health improves. The level of immunity increases in your healthy body. 

At The Mental Level: Meditation leads to the freedom from mental problems like stress, fears, worries, feelings of guilt and depression. It frees you from the thoughts of tragic incidents of the past and the worries of your future. It leads you to a happy and peaceful life by living in the present state when you meditate on a daily basis.

At The Social Level: Meditation results in satisfaction, peace, and joy in your life. You can work in a fully balanced state and be successful. You enjoy stability and feel a sense of completeness within yourself. 

At The Spiritual Level: Regular meditation helps you to achieve a state of thoughtlessness and experience the positive vibrations. 



Venue: Jalaram Sai Baba Temple, 5645 Hillcroft St #104, Houston, TX 77036.  Date and Time: Thursdays from 6.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m. 
(Note: The doors of the temple will close at 6.15 p.m and reopen at 7.15 p.m on Thursdays only during the meditation session. Temple contact # (713) 782-1211.)

For information on Samarpan Meditation please visit contact: Aruna Gurajada @ (732) 991-7743 or Ravi Shah @ (321) 877-9807